AARP Fights Fraud and Identity Theft with A Free Shredding Event

Operation Stop Scams events are being held across New York State, find one near you below. And for those consumers who use a home shredder, experts also recommend the use of a micro-cut model.  Tests have shown that the scraps of paper from a straight or cross-cut shredder can be reassembled by identity thieves.  With a micro-cut shredder, the paper is rendered into impossible-to-reassemble debris.




To avoid having your sensitive information compromised, security experts recommend shredding of the following types of materials:


Old documents:  Papers that carry your Social Security number, birth date, signature, account numbers, passwords or PINs.

Banking:  Canceled or unused checks.  Shred deposit slips and ATM and credit card receipts, once you receive your monthly statements.

Credit Cards: Preapproved credit card applications and incentive/gift checks from credit card companies.

Medical: unneeded medical bills.

Investments: Investment account statements.

Obsolete ID cards: Expired driver’s licenses, medical insurance cards, and passports.

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