Dafna Adler: Create Fun and Funky Interiors by Repurposing Odd Items


Hello, I'm Dafna Adler from Interiors by Dafna Adler.

A fun or funky space is one that has a surprise element that makes you smile.

Let the space you are designing reflect a lighter side of your personality. This can be easily achieved with just a bit of creativity.

Add pizazz by taking any object, and use it in unexpected ways.

Re-purpose an oddly shaped coffee table top and hang it flat for shelving.

Re-upholster a traditional chair in an unexpected pattern or color to create some fun.

Shop for items in non-traditional places, such as a plumbing supply store for hardware items or outdoor furniture stores for accessories to use in a kitchen.

Use retro faucets as door knobs or hang window shades around a bulletin board in a kitchen.

A faux window? How much fun is that?

Remember, it's not about conforming, but rather expressing your own creativity! Go ahead, mix it up!

This is a great design tip to bring style to your home.

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