Peggy Guerrin: Area rugs are the foundation of a beautiful room


Peggy Guerrin, Designs By Peggy

Area rugs can be the foundation of a beautiful room.

They anchor a space, add comfort, texture, color and dimension, soften hard lines, quiet a room and can be a focal point.

Scale is start by measuring your room and furniture.

Determine furniture placement. Leave a perimeter of at least 12" of flooring exposed to frame the rug.

Area rugs can either add color to a neutral room, neutralize colors in the space or unify the color scheme.

In a very large room use two rugs to define multiple use of the space - they don't have to match but should coordinate.

Layering a rug on an existing wall-to-wall is a fun way to add pattern.

You can introduce a patterned rug into a room with other patterns. Just make sure it is different in scale to existing fabrics.

Area Rugs are art for the floor!

This is a great design tip to bring style to your home.

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