Wendy Lepkoff: Window Treatments Bring a Room Together


Wendy Lepkoff, President, Wendy Interiors

Window Treatments bring a room together!


Picture a room with deep colored walls, a bold area rug, and a chenille sofa.

Entering the room you look DOWN, towards furniture because that's where the action is. It's too one-dimensional.

Let's fix that. Make your windows say, "Wow"!

Start your window with a blind in a color from the rug or sofa.

Next begin layering. Select a side panel, add valance and lining fabrics that coordinate with the rug and sofa.

Smaller windows? Mount the valance at the ceiling -- leave the glass clear.

The side panels should reach the floor. Really large windows? Frame the glass to warm up the space.

All elements in your room are now pulled together by the window treatment. The room feels larger and warmer.

Now where do your eyes go when entering the room? You are looking at the window, but its matching colors are drawing your eyes around the room.

Picture perfect because everything is beautifully enhanced.

This is a great design tip to bring style to your home.

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