Patricia Shih: Music is A Mind Opener


Patricia Shih, Composer, Singer, Songwriter and Musician

I know music is a great mind- and heart-opener—EVERYONE loves music! But YOU don't have to be a musician or singer to be creative with your kids and foster in them a love of music and learning - just Sing with them! Nursery rhymes, popular songs, even make up songs for everyday directions like "We're putting away our toys! Let's make a lot of noise!" Songs about everyday activities like washing hands, going to bed, brushing teeth can be made up on the spot. Music can make a trying situation more palatable through calming, understanding, focusing or distraction. Listen to all kinds of music—jazz, opera, pop, country, classical and most especially world. We learn a lot about a country's culture and values by listening to its music.

Developing a love for music can spur curiosity, spark a love of travel and teach tolerance for differences. So make music together and make it FUN! After all, how did we all learn our ABCs? Right—we SANG them! So get inspired and keep the arts alive in your child's life.

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