Dee Manicone: Lighting Brings a Room to Life



Dee Manicone, D. Manicone Design

Ever wonder why some rooms seem to come alive while others fall flat?

Here's a bright idea...It's ALL in the lighting!

Decorative lighting can turn a room into a living work of art! Use a variety of lighting styles to create a theatrical effect.

Light the center of a room with a chandelier. It's decorative and creates balance above a table or open space.

Next...light the perimeter with cove lighting... it reflects upward, onto the perimeter of the ceiling. These can be white, or colored for drama.

Lastly, add decorative lighting. This will serve as an art object, or a task or ambient lighting source.

Balance several around the room to add to its functionality; for reading or desk-work.

A room with well-balanced lighting, will feature a variety of light sources, creating feelings within the space, be it cozy or dramatic, -- but always interesting and inviting.

This is a great design tip to bring style to your home.

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